Buddha in Kamakura

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Diaspora.fi is a resource page for scholars interested in religions in the globalising world. It provides information on available studies, journals, and projects in the field. The diaspora mailing list is an information channel for new publications, funding, positions, conferences and other events. Areas of interest include religion in diaspora, religion and international migration, globalisation and transnationalism, and the study of religion in local settings. Hence, an interest for religious mapping projects is central, as they reveal the many forms that traditions take once situated in a new context.

There is also an interest toward the settlement processes of religious groups, religion and integration, racism and ethnicity. Beyond settelement, there are questions of migrant generations, mixed marriages, gender, religiosity, etc. The aim of the website is to promote the study of these and related issues, and to create debate and connections between researchers. I hope you shall enjoy this resource. All suggestions for additions and collaboration are welcome.

Tuomas Martikainen
Diaspora.fi administrator